Use Policy



1. "DZGRID" Virtual Organisation scope and goals

"DZGRID" VO is a general VO purpose aiming to provide a virtual community for all users of the DZ e-Science GRID infrastructure. Users of other communities can also join. All users are forced to respect the following access rules.


2. "DZGRID" VO access rules

To be registered as member of "DZGRID" VO, the user must know and ACCEPT the following usage rules:

  1. DZ e-cience GRID can be used only to work,transmit/store data compatible with goals of the belonging Virtual Organisation, conforming to this use conditions;
  2. DZ e-Science GRID infrastructure cannot be used for illegal purposes, i.e forcing security/administrative checks. Copyrights and reserved rights must be respected; furthermore, the user must protect adequately his/her grid credentials (private keys, passwords), data and files.

  3. Any suspect/confirmed security violation/grid misuse must be communicated to this email address:   abuse <at>;

  4. Grid use is at users' own risk. There is no warranty that grid is available at any hour, nor that is capable for any purpose;

  5. Resources admin, Virtual Organisations and grid operators control resources usage, which can be discontinued for operational, security and management needs. Users must respect their instructions;

  6. Users can be sued for any violation of these conditions.