DZ e-Science CA



To be able to use DZ e-Science GRID a user needs to obtain a grid certificate.

Grid certificate is a public key (that matches with a private key) with identity information of the user attached. DZ e-Science GRID has set up a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) DZ e-Sciene CA to issue grid certificates for its users.

DZ e-Science CA is able to sign certificates for use in DZ e-Science GRID. These certificates are also valid for use in the EUMEDGRID and other grid projects that are executed in the frame of the European GRID infrastructure "EGI".

A certificate is valid for 1 year and can be renewed. An expiration warning is sent by e-mail a few weeks before the expiration of the certificate.

Find below key information regarding: 

  • The full DZ e-Science CA policies and procedures is available here: pdf-version
  • How to request a user DZ e-Science GRID certificate is described here.
  • Requesting a user certificate can be done via

For more informations  or to report any problem contact: ca <at>