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  An application may request to be integrated into the DZ e-Science Grid infrastructure. To do so, ...

Status Classification

Taking into account a single application, different status are considered as bellow: S1 -The applic...

Software Supported

In this page is collected all infromations about softwares provided by DZ e-Science GRID infras...

Submit an Application

Users who work on scientific applications and need more ressources in term of CPU and/or storage can...

Applications submitted

The applications bellow had been gridified and are running on DZ e-Science GRID infrastructure : ...

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DZ e-Science GRID

Welcome to DZ e-Science GRID website.


DZ e-Science GRID is the computing/data grid infrastructure of the Algerian Research Network (ARN).

Participation to DZ e-Science GRID is open to all researchers in Algeria through ARN Network.

Users belonging to academic and research community can have access to this infrastructure and execute different types of applications. More details can be found about how to join us as user (lien).